Do you know your risk for a heart attack or a stroke?



The Assmann Foundation for Prevention

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PROCAM Risk Scores

The early detection of risk factors improves outcome because disease may be treated at an early stage. This may prevent complications, thus helping to maintain a high quality of life and to increase life expectancy.

The Prospective Cardiovascular Münster (PROCAM) study evaluates risk factors for CHD, stroke and other diseases among 35,000 men and 15,000 women at work in large companies and public authorities in northwestern Germany. PROCAM was started in 1979 and is still in progress. Based on the results of PROCAM, several scores for calculating the risk of coronary events have been developed over the years.

PROCAM risk scores include the “PROCAM Quick Check”, the “PROCAM Health Check” and the “PROCAM Stroke Check”button more Home